Organic Tea

Bedford tea offers you a finest selection of loose leaf teas ! We choose the tea that we offer our clients very meticulously. All our teas are of very high quality, and have a very sophisticated taste. However, apart from the refinement of taste, we have another extremely important priority: healthiness. That is why many of our teas boast invaluable health benefits! Nowadays organic products enjoy an overwhelming popularity all over the world! Therefore, Bedford tea has assembled a vast collection of Organic Tea.

Our Organic Tea selection consists of over 20 different teas, that have been divided into 5 groups.

Best Organic Black Tea

Black tea is a fully oxidised tea. Most of it comes from Kenya, as well as many Asian countries, including Sri Lanka, China and India. Bedford Tea can offer you most of the famous black tea as Organic Tea, i.e. containing solely organic ingredients. Our Best Organic Black Teas include Organic Earl Grey Tea, Organic Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea, Assam Loose Leaf Tea, Organic Lapsang Souchong Tea, Organic Pu Erh Tea, Organic Darjeeling Tea and many others! 

Organic Green Tea

Green tea is an unoxidised type of tea. Therefore, green tea resembles the original tea leaves most of all teas. Most tea produced in China is green tea. The Chinese adore green tea and drink it throughout the day, like water. Many types of Green tea are also produced in Japan. Japanese green tea is particularly refined, and has undeniable health benefits.

The Organic Green Tea group plays a very important part in our Organic Tea collection, because it contains the finest types of green tea! For example, we have Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green tea, whose quality and refinement are heavenly. Other superior Organic Green Teas include Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea, Organic Milk Oolong Tea, Organic Sencha Green Tea, Organic Gunpowder Green Tea and many others.  

In our Organic Green tea category, we also included Organic Green Teas, such as Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Organic Passion Fruit Green Tea and  Organic Earl Grey Green Tea

Organic Herbal Tea

The health benefits of Herbal Tea cannot be overestimated! First of all, they do not contain any theine. Therefore, you can enjoy them at any time of the day! What is more, there are no more natural ingredients than pure herbs, and each herb has a particular health benefit to offer.

We have two types of herbal tea containing solely organic ingredients. These are Organic Blackberry Tea, which is actually a fruit tea, whose original taste, both spicy and refreshing, will never leave you indifferent! We can also offer you an idyllic Organic Herbal Tea “Just a Dream”, which combines the sweetness of fruit, the aroma of herbs, the vanilla flavouring… and no calories! 

Organic Rooibos Tea

Like Herbal tea, Rooibos tea does not contain any theine. Therefore, despite its natural richness of taste often associated with black tea, it will never prevent you from sleeping! That is why, please do not hesitate to indulge in Rooibos tea at any time of the day! What is more, Rooibos tea is extremely beneficial for your health, because it contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants

There are two types of Organic Tea in our Rooibos Tea collection: Organic Rooibos Tea and Organic Green Rooibos tea. The former is the most classical version of Rooibos tea, containing solely organic ingredients. The latter is a rare version of non-fermented rooibos tea, whose taste is particularly fine, and it is also fully organic. 

Organic White Tea Loose 

White tea is famous for its sophistication, rarity and a huge number of health benefits! All this applies even more to our Organic White Tea Loose Leaf! Bedford tea offers you several types of very fine white tea, containing solely organic ingredients.

For example, our Organic White Peony Tea is a fully organic version of an extremely renowned white tea type, White Peony, also known as Pai Mu Tan. On the other hand, our Organic White Earl Grey Tea “The Earl in White” is more original, and its refined and slightly tarty taste will never leave you indifferent! 

And needless to say that our organic teas would be even more enjoyable if you do not have to clean the teapot afterwards? Therefore, you might like to discover our collection of Tea Accessories

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!