Indian Black Tea

India is the greatest tea production country in the world! About 900,000 tons of Indian black tea is exported to other countries yearly. However, tea cultivation is rather recent in India, as it did not exist there until the 19th century. The reason why the Indians started growing tea is because India was a British colony. In addition, Indian climate is very suitable for tea cultivation. Therefore, similar to their Sri Lankan peers, the Indians wanted to boost their economy. And that is when tea production came in handy. Most tea that comes from India is black.

There are 3 main regions of tea production in India: Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri.

The tea coming from Nilgiri is not the best-known tea, because it is produced in relatively small quantities. However, given that it grows at very high altitudes, it has a very delicate taste. Therefore, many refined tea lovers hold this tea in great awe. 

On the other hand, Assam tea and Darjeeling tea are, indeed, very famous. Bedford tea is proud to offer you an extensive collection of Indian Black tea, where you can find both these teas.  

Assam Loose Leaf Tea

Assam Loose Leaf Tea is one of the most famous and widely produced types of Indian Black Tea. It owes its name to the province of its production, Assam. The taste of Assam Tea is rather strong, full-bodied and has a lot of ‘character’. Assam tea leaves grow on the plant called ‘camellia assamica’. There are two seasons for harvesting Assam tea: first flush (April) and second flush (May-June). In our collection of Assam Loose Leaf Tea you can find both the Organic Assam Black Tea First Flush and Organic Second Flush Assam Tea

Fine Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is one of the most famous teas in the world. In addition, it is definitely the most elegant type of Indian Black Tea. Given that Darjeeling tea grows at very high altitudes, its taste is so delicate and refined, that one almost forgets that it is a black tea! That is why we called our collection of this tea type “Fine Darjeeling Tea”.

Bedford Tea is proud to offer you several types of Fine Darjeeling tea in our collection of Indian Black Tea. The most famous of them is Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling Tea

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