Flavoured Black Tea

Many people prefer to taste black tea in their original form. That is why many types of black tea, such as Pu Erh Tea, Keemun Tea, Orange Pekoe Tea, Fine Darjeeling tea have become so popular. However, adding different elements to Loose Leaf Black Tea is very fashionable too. And many world-famous tea types, such as Loose Leaf Earl Grey tea, originated thanks to this fashion! When other elements, such as herbs, fruit or flavourings are added to Loose Leaf Black Tea, this creates different types of Flavoured Black tea.

Bedford tea proudly offers you a vast collection of Flavoured Black Tea in our selection of Loose Leaf Black Tea! Please feel free to discover the most important ones!

Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea 

As mentioned above, Earl Grey Tea has a long and interesting history and plays a very significant part in British history. In addition, it is a very pleasurable drink, and will appeal to every tea addict! Our Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea is made from large-leafed China tea, Darjeeling tea and oil of bergamot. Its bergamot flavouring, as well as its delicate taste are exquisite!

Lady Grey Loose Leaf Tea

This tea type plays an important role in our collection of Flavoured Black tea. It combines the tradition associated with Earl Grey Tea and the innovation reflected in the citrus notes in its flavour. Its taste is quite original, and very refreshing due to the fruity notes of the orange and lemon peel!

Vanilla Black Tea Loose Leaf

Would it please you if someone offered you a vanilla ice cream on a sunny day? Or something that would give you a similar pleasure, but would spare you the calories? Well, it doesn’t sound very realistic. However, our Vanilla Black Loose Leaf Tea does indeed correspond to this description. It is an interesting type of Flavoured black tea, containing Vanilla pieces. Enjoy!

Caramel Tea

Same as its Vanilla peer, Caramel tea will give you a pleasure of a sweet treat, but without calories! Would you enjoy having nice pieces of caramel in your teacup, that will add delicacy and sweetness to your tea! Then go for our Caramel Tea!

‘English Rose’ Black Tea

In our ‘English Rose’ Black tea we have recreated the original Rose Congou tea. As the name suggests it, this type of Flavoured Black Tea contains a lot of rose petals, as well as flower oils. So, not only does this tea have a delicate taste, but also it is extremely aromatic! Just like a rose garden! Enjoy a cup of ‘English Rose’ Black tea!

Japanese Cherry Tea

The Cherry blossom, or Sakura season that takes place in Japan during the early spring, is world-famous. Would you like to recreate this ambiance in your teacup? Then you should give our Japanese Cherry Tea a try! This is a very original type of Flavoured black tea, containing large pieces of cherry. Therefore, the sweet and slightly tart taste of cherry will not leave you indifferent.

And why not make tasting our Flavoured Black Tea more enjoyable? Would you like to indulge in a cup of nice tea, and not have to clean the teapot afterwards? Then discover our collection of Tea Accessories!

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!