Organic Herbal Tea

In addition to our large collection of Best Organic Black Tea and Organic Green Tea, we also have one of Organic Herbal Tea! This selection is not as vast as its black and green tea peers. However, it is also very interesting and original. The health benefits of herbal tea cannot be overestimated! Firstly, herbal tea does not contain any theine. Therefore, it will never disrupt your sleep. Secondly, many herbs have their own assets. For example, camomile has strong stress-reducing qualities. Peppermint is good for digestion. Hibiscus is wonderful for treating high blood pressure. Needless to say that types of herbal tea containing fresh fruit are even more advantageous. Most fruits are rich in vitamins, as well as antioxidants

Nevertheless, in our collection of Organic Herbal tea you will find yet another health benefit to herbal tea types! As you can guess from the name, our Organic Herbal Tea types contain solely organic ingredients! Many people passionate about fine herbal teas are also fond of organic products! Therefore, what could satisfy them more than Organic Herbal tea, that combines both their passions!

We have two tea types in our collection of Organic Herbal Tea! Please feel free to discover them below. 

Organic Blackberry Tea

Our Organic Blackberry tea is one of our most original tea types. We have developed this tea for those interested in the health benefits of herbal tea! One of the main ingredients of this Organic Herbal tea type is hibiscus, whose health benefits are extensive! For example, it is famous for lowering your blood pressure. It is also very good for your liver. In addition, it would definitely please most women, because it has great weight loss qualities! And needless to say that our Organic Blackberry Tea contains solely organic ingredients! Therefore, enjoy a cup of this very original tea! 

Organic Herbal Tea ‘Just a Dream’

We developed this tea and gave it such a poetic name for a good reason. It contains so many wonderful qualities! Freshness of green tea, sweetness of fruits, aroma of herbs, vanilla flavouring… and solely organic ingredients! ‘Just a Dream’, you will exclaim. Therefore, feel free to discover this quintessential tea! Our Organic Herbal Tea ‘Just a Dream’ will definitely appeal to those who are only contented with the best! 

Finally, would it be more enjoyable to taste our Organic Herbal Tea and not have to wash the teapot afterwards? Would it not make your life just a dream? Then discover our Tea Accessories, that will come in handy for realising your dreams! 

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!