Loose Leaf Fruit Tea

Our company Bedford Tea offers you a large collection of Loose Leaf Fruit Teas. Just like our Loose Leaf Herbal Teas, the teas in this category do not contain any theine. Therefore, they can be referred to as fruit infusions rather than fruit teas. Fruit teas are becoming quite popular mainly due to their originality. However, in addition to being very original, those teas boast a number of health benefits. Why? Because all of our Loose Leaf Fruit Teas consist of many fruit pieces. Therefore, they contain a huge number of vitamins, and little to no calories. Another very important advantage of our fruit teas is the absence of theine in any of them. Therefore, they can be consumed at any time of the day, including late evening.

Let us discover different teas from our collection of Loose Leaf Fruit Teas.

Fig Passion Fruit Tea

If you feel like something extravagant and extremely beneficial for your health, our Fig Passion Fruit Tea would be a perfect choice! This type of tea is one of the most original ones in our collection! It contains a substantial number of ingredients, some of which look just incompatible! For example, could one imagine combining fig pieces, rosehip peel, and carrot?! Well, yes, one can, and this original tea is a proof of it! Therefore, please feel free to discover our Fig Passion Fruit Tea

Sweet Dreams Tea

As the name suggests it, Sweet Dreams Tea is a relaxing infusion, ideal at night! Its distinguishable citrus flavour, as well as the calming components such as hibiscus and rosehip peel, will definitely contribute to your good night’s sleep. It is also a very healthy tea, because it contains very nutritive ingredients. Consequently, a cup of this tea, in addition to being very pleasurable and relaxing, would also be very beneficial for your health! For example, the main ingredient of our Sweet Dreams tea is hibiscus that is a great antioxidant, and is also perfect for treating high blood pressure! Another very healthy component of this tea is orange peel, which is extremely rich in Vitamin C! That is why this type of tea is one of the healthiest Loose Leaf Fruit Teas! Therefore, drink this tea and sleep on both ears! Sweet dreams!

Strawberry Cream Tea

The combination of strawberries and cream has been known since the reign of Henry VIII. Nowadays everyone knows how wonderful this refreshing treat is! and why not recreate it in your teacup? This Strawberry Cream Tea has a very sweet aroma as well as the tangy flavour of hibiscus, which will definitely remind you of the famous strawberry and cream dessert because all the components will be in your teacup, but for the calories!

Organic Blackberry Tea

Our Organic Blackberry Tea is a beautiful combination of the tangy flavour of hibiscus, which is one of the main ingredients, and a rich flavour of cinnamon . If you feel for something spicy and refreshing at the same time, this infusion would be absolutely perfect for you! What is more, this Loose Leaf Fruit Tea contains solely organic ingredients, therefore, this type of tea is also extremely healthy! 

Spicy Ginger Tea

Our Spicy Ginger tea owes its name to the spicy notes associated with its cinnamon flavour and the extravagance of orange and ginger. Those components are bound to create a storm in a teacup, but here comes the soothing camomile to help all these parts reconcile! This infusion can be enjoyed at any time of day so, should you wish a storm in a teacup, this infusion is perfect for you!

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We also have a vast collection of Organic Tea. All the teas in this group contain solely organic ingredients.

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Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!