Loose Leaf Black Tea

Black tea is a fully oxidised tea. Most of it comes from Kenya, as well as many Asian countries, including Sri Lanka, China and India. Some black tea types, such as Orange Pekoe, Pu Erh or Assam remain in their permanent state. However, many other black teas are so-called “flavoured teas”, i.e. they form a combination of different teas, or contain other elements. Such teas are Earl Grey, Russian Caravan, English Breakfast, etc. We offer you a vast collection of Loose Leaf Black Tea

Bedford tea offers you various types of Loose Leaf Black Tea from different countries. Those include Ceylon Black Tea, Indian Black Tea, Chinese Black Tea. We also produce “classic” blends, such as Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea, Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea, Russian Caravan Tea, and many types of Flavoured Black Tea

Let us discover our most important types of black tea! 

Ceylon Black Tea

The most important type of Ceylon Black Tea is Orange Pekoe Tea! It owes its name “Orange Pekoe” to the bright orange colour of the unbroken leaves in the finished tea. The “Orange Pekoe” tea leaves grow at high altitudes, which gives it a very fine refreshing flavour. Its liquor is considerably lighter than other Sri Lankan teas, so it is better to drink it black. 

Indian Black Tea 

India is the greatest tea producer in the world! Almost 1,000,000 tons of tea comes from there.

However, there are 3 types of tea produced in India: Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri. We have two types of Indian tea in our collection of Loose Leaf Black Tea: Fine Darjeeling tea and Assam Loose Leaf Tea.

Darjeeling tea owes its name to the province of Darjeeling where it is produced. It is very famous for its delicate taste and high quality! We have many variations of Fine Darjeeling Tea in our shop.

As for Assam tea, it also owes its name to the province of its production. This tea is also very well known. Its taste is quite strong, and it is rather dark in colour. There are 2 harvesting seasons for Assam: spring (first flush) and summer (second flush). Bedford Tea offers you both First Flush and Second Flush Assam tea in our collection of Assam Loose Leaf Tea

Chinese black tea

In China what we call ‘black tea’ is referred to as ‘red tea’. The only exception is Pu Erh which is a post-fermented black tea. We have many types of Chinese Black Tea in our collection of Loose Leaf Black Tea, the most important being Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea and Pu Erh Tea

As for Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea, it is a type of “smoked” black tea, that boasts a very original taste. Regarding Pu Erh Tea, it is a post-fermented black tea which has a slightly woody taste and, most importantly, great health benefits. Since it is very good for digestion, its greatest advantage is that it helps you lose weight! So, enjoy a cup of Pu Erh Tea and get a pleasant surprise on the scales! 

We will also pleasurably offer you two other important types of Chinese black Tea: Yunnan Tea and Keemun Tea. Both these teas owe their names to their production provinces. In addition, both of them have very interesting flavours! Therefore, do not hesitate to discover those lovely teas! 

Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is truly a legendary tea! It has become one of the best-known tea types in the world! Its elegant bergamot flavouring will be easily recognised by every tea addict! 

Bedford Tea is very proud to offer you several types of Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea! Therefore, should you wish to indulge in this afternoon tea classic, please do not hesitate to discover our collection of Loose Leaf Black Tea

Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea

Another classic blend of Loose Leaf Black Tea that we offer is Loose Leaf English Breakfast tea! This tea type is a very successful combination of different black tea types, according to the classic recipe. Therefore, enjoy your full English with a cup of our Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea, that would be perfect with a dash of milk! 

Flavoured Black Tea

We have many other Flavoured Black Tea types in our store, and one of the important ones is Russian Caravan Tea, which is a very sophisticated blend of Keemun, Lapsang Souchong and roasted Oolong teas! “What an unusual combination!” – you would exclaim… and what a sophisticated tea! 

Finally, would you like to drink our finest Loose Leaf Black Tea, and not have to clean the teapot afterwards? Would this not make your teatime even more enjoyable? Then discover our collection of Tea Accessories

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!