Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea is world famous for its high quality, delicacy and originality! There are very strong tea tasting traditions in Japan! What is more, Japan is one of the few countries that produces solely green tea! Not very much tea comes from Japan, only about 2% of the world’s tea (as opposed to China and India that produce a lot of tea). However, due to its exceptional quality, Japanese Green Tea is definitely second to none!

There are many famous types of green tea in Japan, the most important ones being Sencha and Gyokuro. On the other hand, if you feel like something more original, Genmaicha tea might be a good option! Please feel free to discover our extensive selection of Japanese Green Tea, and its most significant types: 

Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf

Sencha is by far the most famous and important type of Japanese Green Tea. Most of Sencha Green Tea comes from Shizuoka Region in Japan. Sencha tea has its very own production technique. Its leaves are needle-shaped, and easily recognisable by every tea addict! In our collection of Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf we have different types of Sencha tea. Those range from rather simple Sencha Green Tea to very refined Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Gyokuro Tea

The exquisite quality, refinement and delicacy of Gyokuro tea cannot be overestimated! Although not much of this tea is produced every year, Gyokuro tea occupies the highest place in the hierarchy of Japanese Green Tea. The word “gyokuro” translates from Japanese as ‘jade dew’, owing to the delicate colour of its infusion. Gyokuro tea is a shaded green tea that comes from the Uji region near Kyoto. Bedford Tea proudly offers you several types of Gyokuro tea, including our very own Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green Tea, that is absolutely exquisite! 

Genmaicha tea

If you are in pursuit of originality, then Genmaicha Tea is just right for you! This type of tea is definitely full of character. That is why it is a very special tea in our collection of Japanese Green Tea! Genmaicha tea consists of classic Sencha Green Tea leaves, as well as… roasted rice! This tea has a slightly bitter taste, but is also very refined. Therefore, it will never leave you indifferent. Feeling like something extraordinary? Then Genmaicha tea is your cup of tea! 

Finally, it is a good idea to enjoy Japanese Green tea, but you are not looking forward to cleaning your teapot, are you? Then discover our collection of Tea Accessories that will make your life easier! 

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!