Organic Green Tea

If you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, our collection of Organic Green Tea is just right for you! It is a truth universally acknowledged that Loose Leaf Green Tea is extremely healthy. Not only does it preserve most of its original qualities, but also it contains a huge number of antioxidants! Given that green tea does not undergo oxidation, its leaves remain in their most authentic state! Therefore, if you are fond of Loose Leaf Green Tea, you are bound to be very healthy.

Additionally, many people who quite rightly take interest in healthy food and drinks are also fond of organic products. Therefore, you should try any tea from our selection of Organic Green Tea! Thus you will find the invaluable health benefits of green tea enhanced by the organic ingredients contained there! We have a very vast collection of Organic Green Tea! And many tea types from this selection, like our very own Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green Tea, are absolutely exquisite! 

Here are our Organic Green Tea types.

Organic Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is by far the most popular type of Loose Leaf Green Tea! It is also the most popular tea type in its country of origin, Japan! Sencha Green Tea ranges mostly by its quality and production region. Most of Sencha Tea comes from the Shizuoka region of Japan. Our Organic Sencha Green Tea is a high quality Sencha Green Tea. It has a pleasant taste and contains solely organic ingredients

Bedford tea boasts another, very refined type of Organic Sencha Green Tea, which is Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea. This exquisite type of Sencha Green Tea originates from the Fukuoka region of Japan. We are proud to have this tea in our collection of Organic Green Tea. As all refined types of Sencha Green Tea, it has a slight grassy flavour. Additionally, our Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea is comparable to the Gyokuro Tea. Therefore, it boasts the same lightly bitter aftertaste, that is so prior to Gyokuro Tea

Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green Tea

This is the most exquisite tea in the whole of our Finest Loose Leaf Tea shop! Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green Tea is a type of Gyokuro tea of the finest quality! The word ‘gyokuro’ translates from Japanese as ‘jade dew’. This exquisite tea type owes its name to the delicate jade colour of its flavour. Our Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green Tea  comes from the region of Uji, near Kyoto. It has a very gentle jade flavour, and an exquisitely delicate taste. What is more, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, that is so typical of Gyokuro Tea! Enjoy a cup of this heavenly tea that additionally contains solely organic ingredients

Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea is one of the oldest tea types in China. It owes its name to a special rolling technique that makes the tea leaves look like gunpowder. The alternative name for this tea is ‘pearl tea’ which also stems from its looks. Many tea lovers, who enjoy Gunpowder Green Tea are also passionate about organic products. In order to please those of you who fall into this category, we developed our Organic Gunpowder Green Tea! Enjoy this classic type of tea, as well as other teas from our selection of Organic Green Tea

Organic Milk Oolong Tea

Strictly speaking, Oolong Tea is not exactly a green tea. It undergoes an oxidation process, like many types of black tea. However, its oxidation time is very short. Therefore, it is much closer to green tea than to black tea in its characteristics. One of the most famous types of Loose Oolong Tea is Milk Oolong Tea. This type of tea is a very high quality Oolong tea. It owes its name to its delicate creamy flavour comparable with milk. We are very proud to have Organic Milk Oolong Tea in our selection of Organic Green Tea. There are many tea lovers who are very fond of Milk Oolong Tea. And as we know, many of those who like sophisticated things are passionate about organic products. Therefore, discover our Organic Milk Oolong Tea

Flavoured Green Tea

We also included different types of Flavoured Green Tea in our collection of Organic Green Tea

For example, we proudly introduce you to our Organic Jasmine Green Tea, which is a classic tea type. Its solely organic ingredients are just an addition to a huge number of its health benefits. Another interesting type of Flavoured Green Tea is Organic Earl Grey Green Tea. This tea is an original combination of classic green tea, and bergamot flavour, so famously associated with black tea! Additionally, we can offer you our Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea! It is very healthy, refreshing, and like all products in our Organic Tea collection, is fully organic! The most original tea in our array of Organic Green Tea is Organic Passion Fruit Green Tea! It is, indeed, a very interesting type. It combines the sweetness and freshness of the passion fruit with the gentleness of the classic green tea! 

Would you like to make tasting our Organic Green Tea more enjoyable? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to indulge in a nice loose leaf tea and not have to clean your teapot afterwards? Then try our Tea Accessories that would be very helpful!

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!