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  • Estimated delivery date 2021/10/02
  • Estimated delivery date 2021/10/02

Tea Infusers

Tea Infusers are a very useful invention! First and foremost, like our Loose Leaf Tea Bags, Tea Infusers help you enjoy your favourite type of Loose leaf tea. Are you not too keen on cleaning your teapot or mug after such a pleasure? We don’t blame you! Therefore, Tea Infusers come in handy here! In addition, our Loose Leaf Tea Bags are very nice too. However, they have an important complication: they are disposable. You cannot use them more than once. On the other hand, tea infusers, that will usually be made of stainless steel, are multi-usage products. Feel free to use them as often as you prefer! However, our Tea Infusers are more suitable for mugs, rather than teapots, due to their design. 

We have quite an interesting collection of Tea Infusers, that is also very amusing. Feel free to discover it below.

Silicone Tea Infuser Man

A Tea Infuser of this type is a definite innovation in the tea world! Look at its extraordinary design! Would you not like one of these droll ‘creatures’ in your teacup? Despite its very unusual design, our Silicone Tea Infuser Man is very easy to use. Just open it by lifting the silicone part of it, and fill it with your favourite Loose Leaf Tea! Then put it inside your mug and let your tea brew, according to the instruction. Once you have used the Tea Infuser, you can easily clean it by removing the tea leaves from the steel part of it. And then, you can use it as many times as you choose. 

Tea Ball Infuser

Contrary to our Silicone Tea Infuser Man, this Tea Ball Infuser is a rather traditional type of  Tea Accessories. You might have seen it many times before. But this does not belittle its practical value! This tea ball infuser is very convenient, because it occupies very little space. In addition, thanks to its easily adaptable chain, it is perfectly possible to “fix” it to your mug. Moreover, you can use our Tea Ball Infuser in your teapot too, because the chain is so flexible. It is fairly simple to use this Tea Ball Infuser. Just put some of your favourite Loose Leaf Tea inside the ball, and brew it in hot water.

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser and Strainer

This type of Tea Infuser is rather similar to the Tea Ball Infuser. The only difference between these products is the fact that the Stainless Steel Tea Infuser and Strainer does not contain the chain. It has a handle instead. As in your choice of Loose Leaf Tea, tastes differ. Therefore, you are most welcome to choose any Tea Infuser you like! 

Finally, you would not feel like infusing a trivial tea in your tea infuser, would you? Therefore, why don’t you try one of our very original types of fine Loose Leaf Tea?  Feel free to discover our selection of White Tea, and indulge in its exquisite taste! 

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!