Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Bedford Tea offers a large number of Loose Leaf Herbal Tea. Those teas are completely theine-free. Therefore, they can be referred to as herbal infusions rather than herbal teas. Herbal infusions are very popular around the world, the most popular ones include Camomile tea, Peppermint tea, Melissa tea, etc. 

Our Loose Leaf Herbal tea types contain many invaluable qualities. First of all, they are very beneficial for your health. Given that, as mentioned previously, they do not contain any theine, they are perfect for any time of day! If you would like a cup of tea that will not prevent you from sleeping at night, you might like to look into our collection of Loose Leaf Herbal Teas. What is more, the health benefits of herbal teas available in our shop vary from one tea to another. 

Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea

We have a number of tea flavours in this category. For example, our Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea is excellent for improving the quality of your sleep. In addition to that, it is very good for your digestive system. Therefore, a cup of peppermint tea would be a good idea after a heavy meal. What is more, our Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea can regularise your blood pressure, and therefore, relieve headaches connected with hypertension

Loose Leaf Camomile Tea

Another very important loose leaf herbal tea that we have is Loose Leaf Camomile Tea. Just as our Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea, makes your sleep better. Another very important quality of this tea is that it reduces the amount of sugar in your blood. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for treating and preventing the diabetes. Apart from that, it contains lots of antioxidants, which is essential for cancer prevention. And finally, it is very good for reducing stress and anxiety. So, it would be a good idea to follow the example of Peter Rabbit, and treat yourself to a cup of Loose Leaf Camomile Tea.

Loose Herbal Tea “Garden of Herbs”

This tea is our original creation! And, like many Loose Leaf Herbal Tea types, it is extremely rich in health benefits. Its ingredients include peppermint, camomile and melissa. Therefore, in addition to the benefits of the previous two tea types, our Loose Herbal Tea “Garden of Herbs” boasts those of melissa tea! One of the key benefits of melissa tea is boosting your cognitive functions, as well as your ability to concentrate. Additionally, it is very good for treating different conditions connected with indigestion, including nausea. And finally, it is very good for treating mild colds.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you should give our Loose Herbal Tea “Garden of Herbs” a try! 

Other Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Our other Loose Leaf Herbal Teas include Breaktime Tea, which is very good for stress and anxiety reduction. Therefore, it would be a wonderful solution for a breaktime treat. Besides, its citrus notes will make it even more refreshing.

Another tea that we called Harmony Tea is very relaxing too. Its lavender and hibiscus notes will make it extremely enjoyable and refreshing during a summer’s blaze! Our Evening Tea is also wonderfully refreshing, and its calming ingredients, such as camomile and melissa make it an ideal choice in the evening, hence its name! 

We also have a very original tea, called Caramel Cream Tea, which has a very rich caramel flavour! Therefore, if you would enjoy the taste of caramel without the calories generally associated with it, you should indulge in a cup of our Caramel Cream Tea

And finally, we have a rich collection of teas that have only organic ingredients, such as our Organic Herbal Tea “Just a Dream”! Please feel free to discover our full collection of Organic Tea! We also offer you quite an original collection of Loose Leaf Fruit Tea. Those teas, like our Loose Leaf Herbal Teas, do not contain any theine. Another type of theine-free tea that we can offer you is Rooibos tea

Finally, would you like to drink our finest loose leaf tea, and not have to clean the teapot afterwards? Would this not make your teatime even more enjoyable? Then discover our collection of Tea Accessories

Bedford tea delivers its finest loose leaf tea and accessories all over the UK. So, if you live in Britain and are fond of exceptional quality tea, you are most welcome to discover our wonderful collection of tea!