Atypical Types of Green Tea

Atypical Types of Green Tea

There are many classic types of green tea known all over the world, such as Sencha Green TeaGunpowder Green teaOolong teaGyokuro tea and many others. We have covered most of these tea types in our previous articles.

However, in this article we would like to concentrate on more atypical types of green tea, mainly flavoured green tea. One usually associates flavoured tea types with black tea. However, there are many very interesting flavoured green tea types that we would like to cover!

Genmaicha Tea

For example, if you are fond of Japanese tea, you will definitely take to our Genmaicha Tea, which is a type of tea that combines classic Sencha and roasted rice. This sounds like an unusual combination, however, this tea will definitely appeal to all of those who like originality.  


Earl Grey Green tea 

This is one of the most extraordinary types of green tea. Upon hearing the name of “Earl Grey Green Tea“, one would almost think having misheard something, because one would immediately associate Earl Grey with Black tea. However, life is full of surprises, and there is indeed such a thing as Earl Grey Green tea

Earl Grey Green tea is composed of classic Sencha Green Tea and bergamot oil, hence its name. This tea has a very rich and remarkable taste, because it owes its freshness to the sencha, and it also owes its richness as well as “identity” to the presence of bergamot oil in it.

Bedford tea offers you Earl Grey Green tea in its classic version, but we can also offer you our Organic Earl Grey Green Tea, which, as the name suggests it, is composed solely of organic ingredients.

Cherry Blossom Tea

This is one of the most fragrant types of green tea! When we created this tea type, we were inspired by the fragrance of the cherry blossom in Japan. This very elegant tea type is composed of classic Japanese Sencha (what could be more Japanese than that!), cherry pieces, that add to its sweetness and fragrance, and sunflower bloom petals, that make it look very attractive. Therefore, if you are fond of Japan and if you enjoy aromatic tea types, our Cherry Blossom Tea would be just right for you! 

Mint tea

Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea

This tea type is one of the most classic types of green tea. Moroccan Mint tea is world-famous, and has been known in the UK since the 1840s when James Richardson wrote a description of a Moroccan tea ceremony 


Usually Moroccan Mint Tea consists of green tea (any type would do), spearmint leaves and sugar (or another sweetener). However, our own version of Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf tea is composed of Gunpowder Green tea, Peppermint and mint flavouring. On the other hand, we do not add any sugar, or sweetener, to our tea types. Therefore, if you prefer a sugary version of Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea, please do not forget to add a spoon of sugar to your teacup. 

As it is the case with our Earl Grey Green Tea, as well as with many other tea types that Bedford tea offers you, our Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf tea is also available in a fully organic version. If you are fond of organic products, and love this very refreshing tea type, you will definitely fall for our Organic Moroccan Mint Green tea

Organic Passion Fruit Green Tea

This is one of our most original types of green tea! Passion fruit is known for its unusual taste, and its flavouring has a particularly refreshing and original touch to classic green tea! 

Interestingly enough, our Organic Passion Fruit Green Tea does not contain any passion fruit as such. This tea consists of Organic Sencha Green Tea, beetroot, marigold bloom petals, orange peel, as well as passion fruit flavouring. As the name suggests it, this tea type contains solely organic ingredients

Jasmine Green Tea

Loose Jasmine tea

This is definitely one of the most celebrated types of green tea in the world, especially in China. This tea type is so extraordinary, that we dedicated two articles to this tea, where you will find a lot of interesting facts about Jasmine Green Tea history, production, tasting traditions, as well as its invaluable health benefits

Loose Jasmine tea is very popular in China. However, given that China is a cradle of tea, there are many other interesting types of green tea there. To learn more about this, feel free to discover our article dedicated to the History of Green Tea in China

Bedford tea proudly offers you a wide collection of Flavoured Green Tea, as well as many other types of green tea. In addition, we deliver our finest loose leaf tea all over the UK. Therefore, if you are a UK resident and are fond of fine loose leaf tea, you are most welcome to discover our site!

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