Pu Erh Tea

Strictly speaking, Pu Erh Tea is not a classic black tea. What we usually call ‘black tea’ is actually ‘fermented tea’. In contrast, Pu Erh Tea is a post-fermented tea. What does this mean? It means that this type of tea, in addition to the natural oxidation process, also undergoes a fermentation process.

There are two kinds of Pu Erh Tea: sheng (raw) which develops and ages naturally, and Shou (ripe) which undergoes an accelerated fermentation process. We have a vast collection of Pu Erh Tea. This tea type exists in the form of loose leaf tea, as an organic tea. In addition, we can offer you Pu Erh Tuocha tea, which is in a pressed form. Nevertheless, all our Pu Erh Tea variations are of shou (ripe) type

Pu Erh Tea is widely known for its numerous health benefits. It contains micro-organisms with probiotic properties. Those elements are good for your immune system. Besides, they are indispensable for your digestive system. That is why Pu Erh Tea has a great reputation for aiding weight loss. Therefore,would you like to enjoy this extraordinary tea and get a pleasant surprise on your scales? Then Pu Erh Tea is just for you. 

Here are our Pu Erh Tea types.

Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea

Our Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea is the most classic version of Pu Erh Tea. This tea will definitely appeal to you, if you enjoy teas with a slightly woody taste. This taste is very different to that of Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea. However, it is also very interesting. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Pu Erh Tea is extremely beneficial for your health. Therefore, if you would like to drink nice tea and remain slim, Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea is just for you! 

Organic Pu Erh Tea

This is also a classic Pu Erh Tea type. However, as you can tell from its name, it contains solely organic ingredients. Are you passionate about organic products? Would you like a weight loss as a bonus? Then go for our organic Pu Erh Tea

Pu Erh Tuocha Tea

This is probably the most original of all our Pu Erh teas. Why? Because it comes in a very unusual form: as a pressed tea. Would it not be interesting to brew a tea in such an unusual shape? Yes, definitely. Moreover, it would make your tea tasting more convenient, because you would not need to think about the dosage.  Therefore, feel free to discover our Pu Erh Tuocha Tea

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