Loose Oolong Tea

Strictly speaking, Loose Oolong Tea is not a type of Green Tea. However, it is very close to green tea. That is why we took the liberty to include it into our Loose Leaf Green Tea category. 

On the other hand, its production process does include oxidation, like that of black teas. The only difference is that Loose Oolong Tea is a slightly oxidised tea, while black tea is a fully oxidized one. Therefore, Loose Oolong Tea is very close to green tea in its characteristics, taste, liquor and health benefits

Loose Oolong Tea originates from the Fujian Province, more precisely from the Wuyi mountains. So, like many teas from this region (including Lapsang Souchong Tea), Loose Oolong tea belongs to a group of Bohea teas

We have several types of Loose Oolong tea, the most important being Organic Milk Oolong Tea

Organic Milk Oolong Tea

Milk Oolong is the most famous type of Loose Oolong Tea. It owes its name to its smooth creamy liquid that bears a resemblance to milk. However, our Milk Oolong tea does not contain any milk. This tea is very popular in Taiwan, because it originated from there in the 1980s. This tea type is one of the most refined Loose Oolong Tea types. It contains slightly lower theine levels than other types of Oolong tea. Therefore, you are welcome to enjoy this tea at any time of the day, including the evening. Our Organic Milk Oolong tea is of exceptionally high quality. Besides, as the name betrays it, this type of Loose Oolong Tea contains solely organic ingredients. Therefore, if you are passionate about organic products, you should try our Organic Milk Oolong Tea

Oolong Loose Leaf Tea ‘Guardian Angel’

This type of Loose Oolong Tea is very original, because it is actually a flavoured oolong tea. Bedford Tea developed this tea, and gave it a very symbolic name, to underline its health benefits. Our Oolong Loose Leaf Tea ‘Guardian Angel’ contains classic oolong tea, as well as goji berries and strawberry pieces. Thanks to goji berries, this tea contains even more antioxidants than another type of Loose Oolong Tea. What is more, oolong tea is extremely beneficial for your heart, brain and bones. Moreover, goji berries will help you lose weight, and that would be a very pleasant surprise for most of us! Therefore, would you like to try an elegant, original and very healthy tea? Then Oolong Loose Leaf Tea ‘Guardian Angel’ would be a perfect choice! 

Finally, would you like to taste Loose Oolong Tea and not have to clean your teapot afterwards? Our Tea Accessories will help you with this! 

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