Loose Jasmine Tea

We cannot talk about Loose Chinese Green Tea without mentioning Loose Jasmine Tea! This type of tea plays a very important part in Chinese culture. Moreover, it is definitely the most famous type of Flavoured Green Tea in China! 

Jasmine flowers have existed in China since the 3rd century AD. However, Jasmine Green Tea did not originate in China until the Quing dynasty that started in the 17th century. On the other hand, its popularity has developed quickly, as the Chinese started exporting it to the West straightaway. The best Loose Jasmine Tea comes from the Fujian Province of China. 

The harvesting period for most types of green tea is in the spring. However, jasmine flowers bloom in late summer or early autumn. That is why the tea is usually harvested in April, and saved until August/ September when jasmine flowers will emerge. 

The tea scenting usually takes place just after the jasmine flower harvesting. There are two techniques of scenting the tea. The first one implies laying the tea and jasmine flowers in alternating layers. The second one consists of blending the tea with jasmine flowers and storing it overnight. The more times the scenting has been repeated, the higher the quality of the Loose Jasmine tea in question. However, provided that jasmine flowers give out moisture, it is important to dry the tea after the last scenting. 

Loose Jasmine Tea 

Our Loose Jasmine tea is of very high quality. It contains the classic green tea, as well as jasmine flowers. This type of green tea is very aromatic. Its flowery aroma, in addition to its delicate taste, will definitely appeal to every tea lover! In addition, you do not need very much of it to enjoy its fragrance and delicate flavour. 

Enjoy a cup of Loose Jasmine Tea

Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Our Organic Jasmine Green Tea is very fragrant, which is typical of Loose Jasmine Tea. Its another great advantage is the fact that it contains solely organic ingredients! Are you passionate about organic products? Would you fancy some delicate and sweet jasmine fragrance in your teacup? Then give our Organic Jasmine Green Tea a try! 

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