Assam Loose Leaf Tea

Assam Loose Leaf Tea is one of the most famous and widely produced types of Indian Black Tea.  Assam tea leaves grow on the plant called ‘camellia assamica’. There are two seasons for harvesting Assam tea: first flush (April) and second flush (May-June). 

This type of Indian Black Tea owes its name to the province of its production, Assam. This province is situated mainly on low-lying plains. Therefore, Assam tea does not grow at very high altitudes. Consequently its taste is rather strong, full-bodied and has a lot of ‘character’. Therefore, feel free to taste your Assam Loose Leaf Tea with a dash of milk. On the other hand, if you prefer a stronger version of this very fine tea, possibly you would enjoy it more without milk. 

In our collection of Assam Loose Leaf Tea you can find both the Organic Assam Black Tea First Flush and Organic Second Flush Assam Tea

Organic Assam Black Tea First Flush

As mentioned above, the first harvesting season for Assam tea starts in April. First flush Assam tea is known for being more delicate and subtle than its second flush peer. This is due to the fact that its leaves are still ‘young’. What is more, first flush Assam tea leaves have not been in the sun for long enough, as their harvesting took place in early spring. Would you like a combination of the original Assam flavour and the delicacy, generally associated with Darjeeling in your teacup? Then our Organic Assam Black Tea First Flush is your cup of tea! Moreover, as the name betrays it, this type of Assam Loose Leaf Tea contains solely organic ingredients

Organic Second Flush Assam Tea

This type of Assam Loose Leaf Tea is very interesting too! The harvesting for second flush Assam tea takes place in May-June. Therefore, the leaves will have been exposed to the sun for long enough to completely ripen them! That is why this type of Assam Loose Leaf Tea has a stronger taste, than its first flush peer. What is more, its taste is even more original, because it contains a slightly malty flavour. Our Organic Second Flush Assam Tea is of exceptional quality. Given that its taste is quite strong, a dash of milk would be more than welcome in your teacup! 

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